Music Productions

Onken-Stein Records is a small, independent record label run out of Omaha, NE by Taylor Stein and Chris Onken, who takes what some consider a more “hands off” approach. It began in 2004 with the release of the first album from Omaha band Ten O’Clock Scholars. Since then, the label has expanded to seven area artists and released eight albums and a digital EP.

Our artists have played shows across the midwest and been part of Northgate Music Festival, 36 Hours of Keystone, Continental Drift Music Festival, the OEA Awards Summer Showcase; have received television coverage on Omaha station KXVO; had music played on local/regional radio stations, internet radio stations and podcasts; and had their music videos played on local television and featured on Third Frate’s music video for “Hang On, Let Go” also won first place at the Fort Omaha Film Conference in 2009.


001 – Ten O’Clock Scholars – “Leaving It Behind” (2004)

002 – Ten O’Clock Scholars – “Bridges And Brighter Days” (2006)

003 – Compilation Disc – “Pulling Focus” (2008)

004 – Ten O’Clock Scholars – “Ten To Close” (2009)

005 – Third Frate – “Almost Where.” (2010)

006 – Death of a Taxpayer – “The Individual” [Digital EP] (2010)

007 – Compilation Disc – “Unplanned Encore” (2011)

008 – Death of a Taxpayer – “Nature vs. Nurture” (2014)

009 – Ten O’Clock Scholars – “A Long Way From Midnight” (2015)